_I IFUB* Handbook
Graphics: Sebastian Struch I¯

Our mission is to provide architecture and interior design for the Common Good. This means that we want to build in a way that is not just sustainable, ecological, and healthy, but also socially-orientated, fair, and with future generations in mind. You can look up our ten guidelines for building for the Common Good here in our


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_I renovation
2019-2020 I_
¯I Vienna’s 7th district
photo: MO I¯
Two apartments in a turn-of-the-century industrial building, long vacant and lacking in charm due to their purely functional former use. The project

Apartments SG

shows how it was possible to breathe back life into these old walls, and at the same time promote them to contemporary standards.
Ifub sg bad wohnen
_I Visualizations Choose Bikes Freising
2021 I_
¯I Freising
Photo: Fanny Wirth / Visualization: IFUB* I¯
02 erdingerstra%c3%9fe ifub 1000 visualisierung
The people of Freising are fed up. For far too long, cars have come first in the decisions governing mobility and infrastructure in their local area. Now, things are about to change.

Bike Referendum Freising

actively advocates for a reform in transport policies and a traffic turnaround. Of course, the IFUB* is supporting this project!
_I Conversion and Renovation
2016-2020 I_
¯I Unterföhring near Munich
Foto: Sorin Morar I¯
Beimfuchs ifub frontansicht preis 2022
An ornate, landmark farmhouse - historically protected, in a panoramic location just outside Munich. A new concept to do justice to the building, its history, and its setting. Historical building materials and ecological construction techniques guiding the renovation and restoration, and clients - directly descended from the original contractor and with a special bond to the building - to wholeheartedly take on the challenge. Here, dedication and idealism were required at every turn. After much problem-solving, creative thinking, and countless small and large solutions, the result is clear to see: The

Beim Fuchs

estate in Unterföhring shines once more.
_I Renovation and rebuild
2019 I_
¯I 7th district, Vienna
Foto: Sorin Morar I¯
The coffee house — a centuries-old institution in Vienna and the favorite place to rendezvous for a cross-section of society. Here beats the pulse of Austria’s capital. But what does the contemporary coffee house look like — fresh, yet timeless? Inviting by day and seriously cool at night? Delicious food and incredible drinks? Relaxation and culture combined? The new

Café Kandl

in Kandlgasse 12 in the 7th district shows us how it’s done!
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_I Neubau
2018 - I_
¯I Berlin, Neukölln
Rendering: Loomilux I¯
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Living in Berlin. Between the daily madness of real-estate sharks, big investors, and increasing gentrification, an alternative model—

the housing cooperative

—has been developing and gaining popularity. The


consisting of 15 families, had the good fortune of securing one of the last vacant building plots in the central and sought-after area of Neukölln. The IFUB* were entrusted with the task of creating a well-integrated, ecologically sound urban build that is both modern and welcoming, and incorporates lots of green and communal space in courtyard and roof areas.
_I New build
2016 - 2018 I_
¯I Baldham, near Munich
Foto: Sorin Morar I¯
 01 ifub hausfuchs nord ost 700 v7b
Urban infill done well? Anyone who has ever dared venture into Munich's suburbs knows that architectural quality is rarely a factor in space rededication and infill developments. But what about an environmentally friendly timber complex? In the project


the IFUB * demonstrates how you can, in fact, have infill, ecology, and top-quality architecture all under one roof (or under four roofs, to be precise).
_I In-House Project
2019 I_
¯I Worldwide
Image: IFUB* I¯
A dedication to cities and people - that’s what you’ll find, not just in our regular projects but also in our in-house ones too.

Park your Park

poses the fundamental question: Streets space is public space — isn’t public space for everyone? On a standard parking space, just like those found in abundance in every city in the Western World today, nothing is permitted — other than parking. No gardens, no place to sit, you can’t even park a bike on them. Here, we are beating the system at its own game — and becoming parkparkers. Find out more with a ‘KLICK’ and turn yourself into a parkparker too!
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_I Renovation
2017–2018 I_
¯I Giesing, Munich
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
Improuv 020 500 tisch mit gruppe 2
Small changes, big impact — that was the task at

office improuv.

In their newly-rented accommodations, the wall, doors, ceilings, and floors were designated off-limits, yet the corporate culture of the agile consultancy group was to be made recognizable at a glance. With just a bucket of paint, solid built-in units, and a few fresh furnishings, great things can be achieved in the shortest time.
_I Architectural competition
2017 I_
¯I Nordring, Bayreuth
Rendering: WÜrschinger/IFUB* I¯
Rehau bild startseite
Young and talented new employees are highly sought after by today’s medium-sized companies. In the constant battle with the big industry players, it is no longer enough to locate a new institute in a hip university city—the architecture and working conditions on offer must also exceed that of the competition. REHAU AG rose to this challenge when it opened the competition for a new commercial and office building on a recently purchased building plot in Bayreuth. The competition entry

Rehau One House,

created by WÜRSCHINGER Architects in cooperation with the IFUB *, the landscape architects of atelier le balto, and urbanist Dr. Rainer Johann, was awarded the

1st Prize.

_I Architectural Design Competition
2016 I_
¯I Bogenhausen, Munich
Rendering: IFUB*/Steidle I¯
For the architectural design competition


(Prinz Eugen Karree) a design was sought for the central complex of a new residential development in Munich’s Bogenhausen. The design entailed adhering to the strict requirements of the "Konzeptioneller Mietwohnungsbau" (program for government-funded housing) which included the provision of diverse commercial units. The design also needed to include soundproofing and a new “green spaces” concept. The designs submitted by the IFUB* in cooperation with Steidle Architects and Stefanie Jühling (landscape architect) was awarded the 2nd Prize.
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_I Renovation
2015-2016 I_
¯I Friedrichshain, Berlin
Photo: Eduardo Perez I¯
Germany’s largest market research institute needed new premises for its "big data" department. The pilot project

GFK Berlin

was not just about creating office space - the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (consumer research association) wanted nothing less than to trial a new future in their own area of work.
Gfk berlin 00 gemeinschaftsraum 400
_I Renovation
2014-2015 I_
¯I Neukölln, Berlin
Photo: Julia Klug I¯
Wohnungh 10 200
In the old chocolate factory in Berlin’s Kreuzkölln, the wild flair of 70s communal living still resonates across the floors. On the second floor is an apartment,

Apartment H,

that pays homage to the old spirit. Who said wild cannot be beautiful?
_I Renovations
2014-2015 I_
¯I Neukölln, Berlin
Photo: Julia Klug I¯
Bu rosau 10 400
The idea that Bavarians and Berliners don’t always see eye to eye doesn’t just come from big politics. This makes the example set by Sauspiel GmbH - who very successfully combine the best of both worlds - all the more admirable. The (digital) future of the traditional, Bavarian card game "Schafkopf" is being written in Berlin, at the new

Sauspiel Office.

In a balancing act between north and south, Berlin and Bavaria, modernity and tradition, chocolate factory and brezel bakery, the IFUB* were on hand to help shape a fitting architectural environment.
_I Large-Scale Art Installation
2015 I_
¯I Sendling, Munich
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
When artist Sinta Werner sought a competent team to help realize her colorful installation project


the IFUB* were more than happy to help. All fired up by the sheer colorful, joyful plans, they set out to help turn a thrilling idea into a wonderfully successful piece of art.
Cmyk startbild 200
_I Architectural Design Competition
2015 I_
¯I Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab
Plan: IFUB* I¯
Lanew ansicht nord gross 300
Designing a new building for the district administration offices (Landratsamt) in the historic town Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab - in short


- required a meticulous attention to detail regarding a sympathetic integration with existing architecture. As part of the design competition, not only was a gateway between the old town and the landmarked "New Castle" to be created, but also a seamless transition between the development and the rest of its surroundings. A cautious and respectful approach combined with self-confident concepts therefore guided the design.
_I Renovation
2013 - 2015 I_
¯I 13th District, Vienna
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
Wohnungs kueche 00 klein40
Take an Art Déco villa, two cheerful owners, and a cosmopolitan capital city, add a pinch of the movie Metropolis, a few grams of Bonn Bundestag and a hint of historical train carriages, and stir and shake until the old apartment is refurbished. Makes no sense? Wait until you see

Apartment S!

_I Design of new-build apartment
2015 I_
¯I Schwabing, Munich
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
Wohnungb start
A kitchen is a kitchen is a kitchen - is a kitchen? Not the case with

Apartment B,

a newly built apartment in Munich.
_I urban planning, residential development, competition
2013 I_
¯I Nürnberg, Südstadt
Rendering: IFUB* I¯
High density communal living, optimal space utilization, and a simultaneous demand for more green; of course combined with contemporary, flexible living, exciting architecture, and maximum cost efficiency. Sounds impossible?

The Südberg

in the southern city of Nuremberg demonstrates how it can work…
Suedb aussenansicht startseitenbild
_I Renovation
2012-2013 I_
¯I Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
Photo: Julia Klug I¯
Wohnungc start300
A new addition to a family home is cause for celebration. But suddenly, when the previously luxurious apartment becomes a bit too small for the now family-of-5, renovations are on the cards. That's why, in

apartment C,

not only was one room made into two, but the whole apartment redesigned and made fit for the next two decades.
_I Restoration: wiewiorra hopp schwark architekten
2011-2012 I_
¯I Hansaviertel, Berlin
Photo: Tobias Wille I¯
Ha  ndelallee 1980 500
At the historically protected, single-family dwelling


an air of tension is stirred up between contemporary, modern interior architecture and monument-orientated restoration.
_I renovation
2012 I_
¯I Kreuzberg, Berlin
Photo: Julia Klug I¯
Planning a visit to Berlin? Want pleasant accommodation for a fair price? Perhaps you should look for the newly designed and refurbished

Apartment A

in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district….
Ifub 45 30x40  an aus klein
_I conversion and renovation
2012 I_
¯I Kreuzberg, Berlin
Photo: Julia Klug I¯
Wrk   rb   the gif 300 kurz4
From two make one. That was the aim for a young couple in Berlin's Kreuzberg district. When the old apartment next door went up for sale, it was bought, merged with the existing apartment, and completely renovated. The new, spacious

Apartment M

now offers enough space for their extensive circle of friends.
2008 - 2012 I_
¯I Rehau, Oberfranken
Photo: Stefan Meyer I¯
An insight into the world of the REHAU Corporation. With the refurbishment of its company headquarters - the


project - REHAU AG presents itself as a cosmopolitan and future-oriented enterprise to guests and employees.
Lithium 10 500
_I New-Build Competition
2011 I_
¯I Weimar, Thüringen
Photo: IFUB* I¯
Bmhw 00 luftbild 500
A world-famous museum in a historic location. For the


in Weimar, sensitivity and confident design were demanded in equal measure from the architects.
_I City planning, new build, competition
2011 I_
¯I Wittstock/Dosse, Brandenburg
Image: IFUB* I¯
The district of Wittstock/Dosse has been suffering from the same problem for years: The city is shrinking. People move away. The quality of life drops. The project

living room Wittstock,

presents a comprehensive concept for sustainable urban development, including contemporary, generation-friendly housing.
Wwd postkarte1 500
_I Interior design & CI
2010-2011 I_
¯I Aying, Oberbayern
Photo: Johanna Kurz I¯
Holistic interior design and an exciting corporate identity. There is a lot to discover for adults and children alike in the


located in picturesque Aying, near Munich.
Praxisdrk 010 500
_I Renovation/development: WEBERWÜRSCHINGER
2008 - 2010 I_
¯I Rehau, Oberfranken
Photo: Bernhard Kurz I¯
Frontansicht 500
A new central training location for technical and commercial personnel of REHAU AG. An exciting old-build renovation combined with a state-of-the-art new-build. The training center


makes the trainees’ dreams come true.
_I renovation: roedig.schop architekten
2008 - 2010 I_
¯I Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
Photo: Gianni Plescia I¯
Rs arch k78 dammerung03 plescia klein
From a rundown, historically listed former cider mill and brewery in a backyard in the heart of Berlin, to a single-family dwelling;


has been redesigned as a high-quality living space with open floor plans.
_I Möbeldesign
2007 I_
¯I Everywhere
Photo: Julia Klug I¯
Tisch big fertig klein 500
A simple approach. A straight forward assembly. The slick design of the


brings joy at home or work.
_I Product design
2006 I_
¯I All over
Photo: IFUB* I¯
Breakfast, at home, on stormy days? The heavy product design of


makes it possible!
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