¯I Who we are.
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We are

architects and interior designers

and support you in all areas and phases of projects relating to urban planning, new construction, renovation, and interior design.

We are


who plan and supervise the production of furniture, as individual pieces or series, in cooperation with highly trusted and experienced carpentry and metal construction companies.

We are


and help you to plan your project in advance. Even after the completion of a project, we will remain on side to support and accompany you for as long as necessary.

¯I The IFUB* Values
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We live and work by our

IFUB* values.

First and foremost is


in building trust and cultivating open, honest, and respectful relationships. We strive to ensure just and fair treatment for all. In doing so, we value


in all its forms - not only for reasons of fairness and equality, but above all for the enrichment and inspiration it provides. Such inspiration fuels our

research spirit

and continues to drive new ideas. Only by remaining open and attentive can we generate innovative solutions to current issues. We direct a lot of focus to protecting our


both in our projects and in our own homes. To achieve our ecological goals, we hope to usher in a new era of


which we look forward to collectively and with optimism. No matter what it is all about in the end, working on our projects together, for the common good, and having great


while doing so, is what makes us who we are.

¯I How we act.
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We don't just talk about it, we put our beliefs into action:

With our team …

  • We work full-time 32 hours a week, and we welcome part-time contracts for balancing work and family or pursuing personal goals.
  • We don’t do overtime, but if it’s necessary, then fully paid.
  • We support home office - and not just during pandemics.
  • We keep our salaries and business figures transparent.
  • We expect and encourage training and development.
  • We finance ‘job-bikes’ or tickets for public transport.
  • We avoid air-travel wherever possible, motivating ourselves with rail cards and an extra five days of vacation for every flight-free year.

... in our everyday working life ...

  • We don’t fly but travel by train.
  • We search online with Ecosia, planting trees by doing so.
  • We use ecological office materials and try to use them sparingly.
  • We use ecological cleaning products and source them from packaging-free retailers.
  • We drink tap water from glass bottles, oat milk in our coffee, and prefer organic produce.

... and towards our social responsibility.

  • We donate 10% of our annual profits to charitable organizations. The rest stays within the company for fair wages and to reach our common good objectives.
  • We bank with GLS Bank.
  • We are a member of the Economy for the Common Good and we issued our 1. Common Good Balance Sheet in 2021.

¯I 1. Common Good Report
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We finished our

1. Common Good Balance Sheet

with 467 points. Whoever wants to read our report (in german) can do so here with just one „Click“. We are looking forward to hear your feedback!

We want to thank all of our

former IFUB* colleagues

2020 - 2017 Moritz Penker
2019 - 2019 Laura Kummer
2019 - 2018 Miguel Lopez
2019 - 2017 Georg Breitenhuber