¯I site plan
Plan: IFUB* I¯


Logistical and construction guidance for a large-scale art installation in a community school in Munich.

Location: Meindlstraße 8, 81373 Munich

Year: 2015

Sinta Werner (artist): concept, plans, protocols, artistic supervision

IFUB*: working and detailed construction planning, collaboration in the proposal, supervision and documentation of the build

Client: Sinta Werner
Owner: Landeshauptstadt München

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¯I Colourful
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
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In schools and kindergartens, it is common to experiment and decorate with a colorful palette. Artist Sinta Werner took this approach to a whole new level in her design for the

entrance of a community school

in Munich’s Sendling, creating something verging on psychedelic. The daring concept “CMYK-Farbraum” convinced the jury and landed the commission. The IFUB * guided the artist in tackling the structural implementation of her technically challenging proposal. The artist’s selection of materials, supplemented by the IFUB*’s expertise and attention to detail, ensured the concept was realized perfectly.
¯I Color shower
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
The artist writes about her idea:
""The entrance way is a place you pass through, where you stay only briefly. The installation is planned to be somewhat

like a shower,

somewhere you can refresh yourself and recharge your energy; a place that stimulates the visual perception and increases awareness. Upon entering and leaving the building, one is once again briefly awakened from the morning lethargy or the tiredness following a long day’s learning. The “transition” marks the beginning or the end of a new segment of the day, through an exhilarating and activating color experience."
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¯I The grid
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
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The color transitions were translated into a

grid of unicolor blocks

that spread over the floor, ceiling, and walls. The spacing of the grid correlates to essential components of the room, such as interior doors and inner windows.
¯I the pink corner
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
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Each individual color was thoughtfully chosen, tuned, and adapted by the artist in an intensive selection process. A special effect exhibited by the concept is the atmospheres in the corners - every corner lends its own unique

color mood.

¯I Floor, Ceiling, Wall
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
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permanent solution with maximum intensity

was necessary to create the powerful effect. For this reason, the floors, ceilings, and walls were treated differently. On the floor, thin aluminum profiles separate the fields, which are coated in extremely durable polyurethane. A polyurethane coating was also used on the walls, but here with slightly wider, dark gray borders. On the ceiling, plasterboard panels painted with emulsion are divided by even wider, 30mm borders.
¯I The pillarhead
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
The wider joins on the ceiling allowed an almost invisible integration of narrow floor and wall-directed

LED lights.

The pillar standing in the center of the room was also dipped in color.
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¯I colored glass
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
Even the

glass doors and windows

were colored, not only complementing the varied spectrum of the interior, but also immersing the outside in colored light.
To create exactly the right colors and shades, three differently colored foils were used in succession, which together produced the right color.
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¯I A feast for the senses
Photo: Sorin Morar I¯
Finally, a quote from the artist's concept:
"We experience the outside world through our senses, with most of the information being available through the sense of sight, with the

perception of colors

being of paramount importance. Color theory explores the processes of color vision and derives the laws of color mixing that are used in multicolor printing, in photography, on television, and on screen. In today's information age, color theory is of growing importance and should be made physically and sensually tangible."
We hope that the CMYK-Farbraum, with its shower of colors, will inspire students or visitors to take their eyes off their smartphones for a moment and once again become aware of their environment.
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